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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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NASA also falls outside the Military Chain of Command. Its a civilian agency. The military also has its own space program but its not commented upon and secretive by nature.
And the Federation may not be all that different in that regard.

When you say the Federation has a Navy . . . do you mean ocean going vessels? Because clearly Starfleet is the Federation's navy in space.
I refer to the Federation Naval Patrol, Tom Paris' original first choice of employment.

And no, Starfleet is not a "space navy" any more than the air force is "flying infantry." Analogies only go so far.

Any claim that the Federation has a separate space military arm directly conflicts with the obvious fact that Starfleet seems to be fighting all of their space battles.
Not all of them.
First of all the Army has flying infantry, they are called Air Assault forces and they utilize helicoptors (Airborne troops are also flying infantry but the planes are flown by Air Force personnel). The only reason the Army is into helicoptors as much as they are is because they are banned from using planes (because the Air Force has that monopoly). When humans start going into space you can expect one of the existing branches will assume that mission and its most likely the Navy who already operates large ships in and under the ocean. You won't see an Army space fleet, a naval space fleet and an Air Force space fleet (well you might at first before the government gets tired of redundant spending and missions and designates one branch to control that arena).

I hardly think the idea that any planet or separate collection of planets having its own internal planetary defense or law enforcement arm is somehow any evidence that there is a separate space navy. The idea that cultures would immediately surrender all military forces to the exclusive control of Starfleet upon entrance to the Federation is a bit of a stretch. Besides, with the Earth seeming to be attacked just about every other movie . . . . Starfleet sure seems inept and anyone relying on them alone to defend a planet (even the human homeworld) would strike me as extreme risktakers.

And was there some evidence that these defense forces were not directly or indirectly under the control of Starfleet??? I could not tell from that clip.
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