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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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You have that backwards. The appeal to ignorance is "I see no evidence for X, therefore there is no X."
Actually, Argument from Ignorance works both ways. Read the link.

Actually it's YOUR burden of proof to show that the Military Assault Command Organization was disbanded prior to the 23rd century.
Did you miss the part where I said we were talking about a military organisation, not specifically infantry ? The only thing we can say about MACOs is that we have not seen them outside of ENT. It doesn't change anything about the fact that Starfleet participates in all Federation armed confrontations in the history of Star Trek.

And as far as ground troops go, you might remember Colonel West, from TUC, who was a member of starfleet with an infantry rank. So maybe the MACO were integrated into Starfleet at some point.

"Admiral Kirk, this is your opponent speaking. Do not lecture me on treaty violations! The Federation -- in creating an ultimate weapon -- has become a gang of galactic criminals! It is not I who will surrender, it is you!"
Again, I stand corrected. I was thinking about TVH, but I must have remembered that wrong.

HAS Starfleet really been involved in ALL armed engagements of the Federation?
In the franchise ? Yes.

Because we know for sure of at least one instance where they did not: the colonists on Delta Rana IV apparently formed up a combat force to take on the Husnok, taking anyone who could even hold a weapon. Starfleet didn't reach that planet until WEEKS later, by which time the Husnok were extinct and Kevin Uxbridge was deep into his crazy post-apocalyptic gardening project.
Did you just try to argue that Starfleet didn't participate in all Trek battles because a group of civilians took up arms against an alien invader ?

Which is interesting, come to think of it, because Starfleet was DEFINITELY not a military organization in the 22nd century.
I see no major difference between ENT's Starfleet and that of other shows.

Apparently because the MACOs who were supposed to relieve them never showed up.
Apparently ? Nobody mentions MACO in that episode. Again, you are speculating without evidence.
And that's my opinion.
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