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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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True, though it might have just got them talking. It's often been stated that two nations will remain rivals until they decide they hate someone else worse.
Often stated, yes, but as I said, history tends to disprove that belief.

Your view is very much in line with Star Trek and how I'd prefer to view it. However, an alternate interpretation is the Founders had nothing to lose by the Dominion War (900 billion Alpha Quadrant citizens being nothing to them, same with their own troops) until they, personally, were at risk.

In that VERY cynical take, it was the realization they should just cut their losses and preserve their position.
But my point is that there are two different issues that shouldn't be conflated: How to end a war, and how to prevent the next one. The winners in WWI handled their victory poorly, mistreating their foes and exacerbating the problems that had caused the war, and thus made WWII and the Mideast conflict inevitable. Whereas the winners in WWII helped their defeated enemies rebuild, regain their dignity, and become members of the international community, and thereby ensured that there would be no further wars with Germany or Japan. There's a big difference between a cease-fire and an actual, lasting peace. And you can't build the latter with threat and intimidation alone.
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