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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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You do realize zombies are not real and that there have been many different interpretations and takes on them throughout popular culture, right? I mean, I don't think zombies can perform a well choreographed 1980s dance routine, either.
In all the zombie movies I'm aware of, not once have they ever shown signs of intelligence of any kind. (Indeed, almost by definition, a zombie is a creature without intelligence.) The only difference is some vague hinting in the final George Romero movie, and even then, the dead are only instinctively acting out parts of their former lives. They don't really know what they're doing.

Hell, even the Rage victims in the "28" films aren't intelligent, and they're not even dead!
What "intelligence" are you seeing, really? It doesn't take a genius to think 'Me hungry, there food, go get it." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to think "Food no good, stay away." You don't have to be Albert Frigging Einstein to think "That's in way of food. Climb over it." Nothing the zombies did in this movie displayed any more intelligence than a shark hunting down its next meal.
I haven't seen the movie, but, it's not uncommon for Zombies to be guided by a sense of smell.

Many Zombie movies have Zombies only go after Humans. It must be the keen sense of smell that distinguishes a Human from a Dog (such as in Dawn of the Dead Remake 2004, but, it's common in many Zombie movies that animals are safe).

In the TV Series The Walking Dead, early in Season 1, our Heroes slop themselves up with Zombie guts and go unnoticed by Zombies until Rain washes the Zombie guts. At the end of S2 a new character shows up with "Pet Zombies" that she uses to keep other Zombies away, and in S3, there are several instances of using "defanged" Zombies to throw dangerous Zombies off their scent.

So, a Terminal Disease, that contaminates your scent, could be giving off an unappealing scent to the Zombies.
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