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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Eddie, if you are claiming that ground battles are fought by a different branch of Starfleet or a branch separate from the navy, that's fine by me. It would make sense that infantry was a separate organisation anyway.
Pretty much, yes. Except that Starfleet is hardly "the navy", considering the Federation appears to have a LITERAL Navy.

But the question here (the topic) is that Starfleet has been involved in ALL of the armed engagements of the Federation
Now that's an interesting claim there. HAS Starfleet really been involved in ALL armed engagements of the Federation?

Because we know for sure of at least one instance where they did not: the colonists on Delta Rana IV apparently formed up a combat force to take on the Husnok, taking anyone who could even hold a weapon. Starfleet didn't reach that planet until WEEKS later, by which time the Husnok were extinct and Kevin Uxbridge was deep into his crazy post-apocalyptic gardening project.

In fact, Starfleet predates the Federation.
As do the MACOs.
Which is interesting, come to think of it, because Starfleet was DEFINITELY not a military organization in the 22nd century. This means you actually have TWO things to prove:
- The Starfleet BECAME a military organization before the 23rd century
- That the MACOs ceased to exist.
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