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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Argument From Ignorance Redux: Not only can you not imagine Starfleet being anything other than a military, you can't imagine any OTHER military organization existing at all.
Sorry but that's not an argument from ignorance. YOUR argument is an argument from ignorance: there is no evidence that this organisation exists, therefore it does.
You have that backwards. The appeal to ignorance is "I see no evidence for X, therefore there is no X."

Our argument is that it's your burden of proof to show that it exists.
Actually it's YOUR burden of proof to show that the Military Assault Command Organization was disbanded prior to the 23rd century. If you have that evidence, I'm curious to see it: when were the MACOs demobilized and what was done with their personnel and equipment?

They also described Genesis as a "doomsday weapon" and referred to the Federation as "a gang of galactic criminals."
No, they refered to Kirk and his crew that way.
"Admiral Kirk, this is your opponent speaking. Do not lecture me on treaty violations! The Federation -- in creating an ultimate weapon -- has become a gang of galactic criminals! It is not I who will surrender, it is you!"
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