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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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That's all I really needed to know.
However, the contra argument still has validity
No it doesn't, nor would it even if it was actually based anything. You're simply being argumentative, and you've already admitted you don't know what you're talking about, so why should I take you seriously?
Once again, I think the cultural divide intervenes between us. Perhaps 'talking out of your ass' has a very specific meaning in your nation but it has a very generic meaning here. What I meant was, I haven't carried out scientific or sociological studies to prove my case empirically (neither have you I assume). Now that I look back though, I have studied advanced level sociology, social and developmental psychology, and sex discrimination law. Also, my English literature thesis was on gender roles in sci fi, examining the differences in the approach to gender in the Handmaids Tale, the Drowned World, and Ape & Essence. I may seem like I don't know anything to you but maybe I know more of what I'm talking about than I thought!

I think I have made some points that are worthy of debate and I have tried to provide examples. It has been pointed out that my use of terms such as gender, gender roles, and gender stereotypes interchangeably has caused some confusion. If anybody would like me to re-post in a way that clarifies my meaning, just post the definitions you would like me to use and I will re-edit. I'm still not clear on the qualitative difference between a 'traditional gender role' and a 'gender stereotype' if I'm honest. Can you provide any examples? The religious example didn't really clear it up for me because I can see that a religious tradition is very different from a religious stereotype. I'm just not clear on how I can translate that to gender.

For example, I can see that being a mother is not, in itself a gender stereotype, obviously, however, being a female character in a movie whose existence is defined exclusively by being the mother or wife of another character is IMO a gender stereotype in that medium. Is that where we are getting our wires crossed?

Overall, though, you shouldn't take me any more seriously than I should take you! This is just a forum and we're voicing lay opinions in order to engender good natured debate. I am happy to continue, if you don't want to continue, you don't have to.
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