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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Which means to you, Starfleet is the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Military Police, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and the Coast Guard all rolled into one. Because surely a Federation of planets with a hundred different members and nearly a trillion citizens only has room for ONE organization to do anything ever.
Just one piece of actual evidence of the existence of another military organization? You should be able to come up with one in six-hundred hours of material.
Why would I need to? There's zero evidence that Starfleet is the SOLE government agency in the entire Federation that can handle any one of its mission roles. We don't even know for sure it's their only exploration agency.

You're the one making the POSITIVE claim that Starfleet is the only show in town. You know good and damn well you can't prove a negative.

Face it, in a society of a trillion people, the only time we ever see anyone do anything of a military nature it's connected with Starfleet.
Which is mainly because we've only ever SEEN a couple hundred of those trillion people, and most of them were in Starfleet.

Just a few quick questions: with Worf being a Klingon, wouldn't he actually want to join the Federation's military arm?
No, he'd want to join the KLINGON EMPIRE'S military arm. That was always an option for him, and the Captain of the cruiser in "Heart of Glory" even offered him a job, which he politely turned down.

Worf joined Starfleet because when he was young a Starfleet officer saved his life and raised him as his own. He's here because believes in Starfleet and what it stands for; if he was just looking for a good fight, he would have moved back to Qo'nos at the first chance he got.

Twice, during battles with the Borg (Wolf 359, Sector 001) all we see are Starfleet ships.
And I've said many times that the Federation's standing military probably doesn't HAVE any ships. Considering most wars are fought on the ground anyway, they wouldn't need them either.
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