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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
Actually, twice.
Even once is enough. And twice is "several".

Once by David Marcus in a fit of frustration (to which Carol disagrees)
She disagrees with his interpretation of Reliant's message, not the use of the word "military".

You also forgot Star Trek VI, which suggests "dismantling" Starfleet twice in response to the Klingon threat dissapearing, which despite the idiocy of the suggestion, implies that Starfleet's primary mission is safeguarding the Federation.

All of whom are IN STARFLEET.
We've seen characters from outside Starfleet as regulars. Tom Paris, Quark, etc. So, no. Not "all". In fact, you admit so in your next sentence !

OTOH, we do have some non-Starfleet characters in the Bajoran Militia -- a military organization -- for whom it is apparently common knowledge that Starfleet "doesn't believe in warships."
Dedicated warships. Even runabouts have weapons.

But that's Star Trek for you: it's a drama, not a documentary. If it isn't relevant to that particular episode or one particular character, nobody's going to mention it.
Do you concede that there is zero evidence for the existence of a separate military branch beyond ENT's MACOs ?

Much like the MACOs were "just made up" fifteen minutes prior writing the script for "The Expanse."
Eddie, we saw them ON THE SHOW. YOU made up the other stuff. It's risible that you try to equate canon with fanfic.

It contradicts NONE of the dialog.
You are incorrect, again. Someone mentioned Decker Sr's comments in The Doomsday Machine, already.

Which I did. You implied these points were relevant to the definition of "military organization." They are not.
You think military ranks, parlance, terms and hierarchy are irrelevant to the definition of "military" ? How about armed cruisers ?

In his TOS debut, Sulu was a botanist.
Come on, Eddie. Stop trying to desperately find tidbits that allow you to ignore other posters' points. Sulu is the helmsman. But if you want to play, ok: Repeat for all the non-science characters I named.


That they use their science background to expand their knowledge, to interact with and study other cultures, and collect data for analysis and scholarly debate back home, DOES.
Again: by that logic we are ALL scientists, making the term useless.

Yes. Especially in the 24th century we encounter a dizzying number of worlds torn by decades of intense ground combat, including:
We're talking about STARFLEET, Eddie.

You expect there's half a billion Starfleet officers? Somehow I doubt it.
Let's see. 150 member PLANETS. Even if each planet only contributes three million people to Starfleet, I already have you covered. It's irrelevant, mind you, because you're trying to focus on ground stuff while I'm talking about the general military aspect.

The writers CONSCIOUSLY chose to depict Starfleet as being something other than a military organization.
No. Something other than a strictly military organisation. If they wanted it to be non-military, they shouldn't have given them all the trappings of such an organisation.
And that's my opinion.
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