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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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And I would classify the Defiant as a warship.
So would Kira. Hence her amazement.
You're fighting awfully hard against a whole lot of evidence. When was the last time we sent NOAA or NASA to fight a war instead of the military?

Besides, Kira's statement is evidence TO THE CONTRARY: Starfleet really doesn't believe in warships, and Defiant is the exception that proves the rule.

Plus, the Genesis device could easily be seen as "doomsday weapon"
Yes, in exactly the same way that Starfleet could easily be seen as a military organization.

It's a matter of definitions in how those two things are INTENDED to be used. If the situation called for it, there's no doubt the Federation would use the Genesis device to cleanly eliminate one of its enemies and then pave over their transformed corpses with a new colony world. But "Doomsday Weapon" isn't what Genesis was created for in the same way that "space military" isn't what Starfleet was created for.
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