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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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So changes had to be made. Emily's age was retconned and made into an important plot point. The year was retconned from 1996 to 1999.
I don't see that as a retcon of the universe as a whole, just as the passage of time. I assume that the series cliffhanger was rendered apocryphal and that in the revised continuity, three years passed before the Purist attack on the Franciscos.
No, the original series aired in 1989-1990 and was set in 1995-1996. The ship was said to have crashed five years before the pilot's 1995 date. The later movie ("Dark Horizon") was set in 1999 and the ship was said to have crashed five years earlier in 1994. Kenneth Johnson and co. just nudged the date forward to keep the show five years in the future, which I remember thinking at the time was perfectly reasonable. (They changed it again for the next movie, also set in 1999 but now seven years have passed since the crash, meaning the Newcomers arrived in 1992; Johnson stuck with this date for the remainder of the movie series.)

Among Alien Nation fans, I don't remember any issue at all. No one talked about continuity, canon, alternate universes, or anything like that.
Personally, I never liked the finale episode. I felt it was too contrived, forcing all the characters into somewhat gratuitous crises at the same time. I suppose that's become fairly standard since, but it felt very forced and arbitrary to me at the time. So I was happy that the movie essentially erased the episode from continuity.
Agreed. And I'm glad "Dark Horizon" didn't even bother to acknowledge the story of Buck and his teacher.

The year of Alien Nation's cliffhanger was also the year of TNG's Borg cliffhanger. I think all the season-ending cliffhangers that year just annoyed me.

I hadn't noticed the other continuity glitches you mentioned between the series and the movies, but there's a huge one in the last movie, The Udara Legacy. That movie treats Newcomers in their 70s as being senior citizens, even though the series had established that Newcomers live considerably longer than humans and George already was in his 70s, or at least late 60s, and yet was equivalent to a human in his 30s.
Yeah, that was really annoying. Johnson should have caught that one. Also, Aphossno in "Dark Horizon" claims to be Udara and George is impressed, telling Matt they're something akin to Samurai; in "The Udara Legacy" we find out George hates the Udara, and his reaction to finding out Susan is one is utter disgust.
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