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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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^I'm glad someone brought that up. It takes them nearly 2 whole episodes of him acting like a nut before they challenge him even remotely
Not quite. By First Ep time about an hour passes before Picard says "No, we'll proceed to Farpoint Station", and Worf says..."Captain, the security of the Federation is at stake!"

Now granted, yes, Picard is going off mission.
And all it takes is a sappy speech by this stranger who's giving erratic orders, going off mission, and talking to letters of the alphabet about how they're the finest crew in the fleet and they're willing to charge head first into a destructive spacial anomaly for no apparent reason.

Guess the Enterprise crew will go to the ends of the galaxy with a pat on the back, but can't handle a stern lecture.
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