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Re: Seriously, do they have sandwiches in the future?

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I want someone to invent a pill that makes food unnecessary.
Were is the fun in that!
Mystery Science Theater 3000 spoofed that idea with hilarity during its first season on the SciFi Channel (season 8 overall).

Mike and the 'Bots find themselves in orbit around a planet of "Observers", supposedly brains that have evolved beyond the need for bodies. Except, they have zombie-like host forms to carry their disembodied brains and to convert their telepathy into spoken words. Mike wonders, "Why dom't you just carry your brains in the heads of those bodies?"

Likewise, the Observers claimed they were superior for developing nutrient pills (for their host bodies) that have done away for the need of food. Mike responds, "So, just one of these pills a day supplies all your nutritional needs?" The Observers admit they need more. Mike assumes, "Okay, so 2 or 3 aday?" Again, the Observers look embarrassed. Mike, "So, 5 or 6?" Finally in frustration, the Observers say, No..." and then show Mike bowls filled with pills looking rather like cereal and use spoons to shovel the pellets into their "hosts'" mouths.

I don't know...I just found that hilarious!


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