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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

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Bigger and faster, maybe, but in the JJ-verse, Constitution Class ships are ultra-flimsy. Their shields seem completely unable to prevent major damage from occurring to the ship, sucking hapless ensigns out into the cold of space. I don't see how any of them could last the requisite five years.

ETA: are the JJ Constitutions even strong enough to survive a wormhole?
JJ-verse ships do not appear to be any more "ultra-flimsy" than Prime-verse ships. TOS Constitution Class ships also met with such tragedies. The budget and FX technology did not allow them to be shown to the extent of a modern theatrical release.
Two Constitutions held up better against the planet-eating doomsday machine than a JJ-fleet did against (what was essentially) a mining ship. I don't think that can be explained away with better graphics.
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