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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

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They're certainly moving along. They're hitting the vampires=gays, oppressed minorities generally really hard. Unfortunately for the metaphor these vamps still are monsters, so that also means gays, oppressed minorities generally=monsters, too. Ick.
TheSeeker wrote: View Post
Wow. That' really how you're seeing it?
stj has a point (one that was expanded on in this article), it's a very flawed metaphor. In the real world, people's rationalization of their objection to homosexuality is due to what they see as "moral" reasons which I think we can all agree are BS. But in the True Blood world people object to vampires because they think vampires are murderers. And, they're right, in the True Blood world vampires are murderers.

It boils down to: it's ridiculous to lump gay people all into one category based on their sexuality. But it seems pretty rational to lump all TB vampires together since, from what we've seen on the show, they really are all murderers.

I can't think of one vampire in the show (except for possibly Stephen Root's character from several seasons back...but it's been a while) who hasn't killed somebody just because they wanted to.

Don't get me wrong, I like the show and enjoy the use of the metaphor, I just think it falls apart when you put some thought into it.

Also, it bears repeating that the werewolf characters are annoying and pointless and I wish they would all leave the show.
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