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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Personally IŽd loathe the prospect of committing to all that that without a "home away from home", a cabin just for myself, where I answer to no one and can be by myself whenever I want. And the idea to reserve this privilege to the senior officers seems a tad too militaristic to me. ...
As for screen-proof: what comes to mind is Ensign Garrovicks spacious 1-person cabin in Obsession.
But we've seen colonist dwellings like in "The Deadly Years" which suggest rather spartanic living conditions / expectations, IMHO.

Regarding "cabin 341" we never saw the other half of the cabin or its possible (and conjectural) extension, just Garrovick's bed in the part of the set where Captain Kirk usually has his desk.
The wardrobe cylinder definitely has two compartments, therefore two crewmen would have one individual compartment each.

And I'm also unable to see the need of a desk and computer in every two bed cabin for the crew. During work shifts or during sleeping time, this area will never be used and thus would constitute a waste of precious space.

I'm sure there are many public places aboard the ship (like the rec room in "The Trouble With Tribbles" where Scotty read his infamous technical journal with the Mark IX/01 primary phaser article) where the crew can use computers to check mail or do research or read UFP Today and there are probably enough rooms to allow for privacy.

Unlike older submarines, crew members no longer have to share beds depending on their work shifts, but they have plenty of rooms they can use and share.

I think TOS might even be a better concept than TNG, where you have characters like Lt. Barclay that are actually able to isolate themselves from the rest of the crew and live in holodeck fantasies instead.

In TOS the crew has to interact and in a broader sense I feel this to be a good thing. According to McCoy in "Arena" (and there was another one if I recall correctly) "rank hath its privileges" and I believe that definitely refers to have your own private cabin but something that needs to be earned.

At the end of the day, and assuming Kirk is correct with his "430" people statement, these have to be accomodated according to the space that's left on the Enterprise. I'm already curious myself how this turns out.

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