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Re: Ordinance and Munitions

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would that mean the torpedoes have a "shelf life"?
I ran into a similar idea in a story somewhere. Instead of containment batteries running out, an orbital neutron cannon could be used to detonate nuclear warheads. It would be extremely difficult to get a neutron beam to remain focused through the atmosphere, but the idea was intriguing. Murray Leinster's OPERATION TERROR had a similar scenario where possessing a weapon was dangerous.

Manticore wrote: View Post
I always figured that the glow around torpedoes was just an overloaded shield or engine field.
That was my interpretation after seeing the physical torpedoes in TWoK. Photon torpedoes might be tiny warp engines red-lined far beyond the safety limit since they are on a one-way, "suicide" mission. Pushing them hard might also make them unavoidably fast. Just don't program them to arm the moment they are launched.
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