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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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There's a variation of this flyby in which the Enterprise drops out of warp that was used from Season 4 onwards. On the sampler blu ray version of the Inner Light a CG substitute was used. Is this one of the shots that couldn't be found?
That's correct. Don't forget, if just one pass can't be found, the shot is rendered unusable and has to be recreated.
Excellent, I know it came under some fire when the sampler was released but I quite liked that replacement shot (I assume CBS-D have upgraded it since?) and they've modified Tobias' model to appear more like the 4 foot model? I cannot wait to see your feature on this

Considering all the passes that are required to assemble even a single shot its amazing on how few occasions CGI has been needed as a substitute.
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