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Re: "Equinox'' Line-by-Line

RANSOM: We had nothing. My ship was in pieces. Our dilithium was gone, we were running on thrusters, We hadn't eaten in sixteen days. We had just enough power to enter orbit of an M class planet, and lucky for us, the inhabitants were generous.

[Ankari campfire]

RANSOM [OC]: They were called the Ankari. They provided us with a meal, a few supplies, even some dilithium crystals. They even performed one of their sacred rituals to invoke spirits of good fortune from another realm to bless our journey. But these weren't spirits, hey were nucleogenic life forms. Our scans revealed that they were emitting high levels of antimatter. Later the same night we managed to obtain one of the summoning devices in exchange for an energy converter.

[Equinox Research lab]

RANSOM [OC]: We constructed a containment field that would prevent the lifeform from vanishing so quickly, but something went wrong.
RANSOM: Get it out of there.
RANSOM [OC]: We tried to send it back.
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