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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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Not aware of any official back story on the lizard, but Paul Starkey (Trek BBS reg Starkers) wrote "Good Luck Charm" which explains it pretty darn well:
An amusing lil' snippet. It certainly has that kind of ineraction we might have witnessed in a "classic" episode.

But I still want to learn of the real life production reason. Who suggested it, where the thing was found and why did that person advocate the reptile.

I admit that for a time, I wondered if I merely mistook something else for a "lizard". It seemed such a random thing to display within a medical facility, surely it was something else, possibly an abstract sculpture that, due to the comparitively low resolution of of older CRT based TVs receiving broadcast signals degraded by distance and atmospheric interference, just looked like a freakin' lizard to me. Well, the DVDs and the Blu-Ray played upon HD monitors certainly discredited that notion. It really IS a bleedin' lizard!

Okay, okay, I've gone on enough about the silly thing. I'll stop. But if Guy Gardner (the BBS member here, not the DC character) has a cart blanc license to be weird, why can't I?


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