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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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The line of waiting crewmen in This Side of Paradise doesnt make much sense if there were a 22 person transporter on board. Wouldnt everyone rather go to the big transporters, where waiting time would be much shorter? To me this scene always conveyed the feeling, that this transporter room was the only way off the ship.
The episode didn't exactly feature an emergency and instead everyone like Lt. Leslie was extremely drugged and relaxed. They were not in a hurry to leave the ship.
You may have a point there

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However, The Making of Star Trek hints, IMHO, that using the 22 person transporter involves some risk (pattern loss?!).
Thats an interesting piece of information and it would explain, why we never saw it being used. Im still not convinced though

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On Deck 4 I considered a dormitory for junior officers (though definitely secured in their bunk beds, contrary to this stupid scene at the beginning of ST VI aboard Excelsior - if Nick Meyer really wanted to go full thrust with the "Hornblower Effect" he should have used hammocks!) and regarding the other crew cabins we might have larger rooms with three, four or five beds.
Well to be honest Im not a big fan of shared cabins, especially for three or more people.
Again, consider the psychological aspect: Away from earth for years at a time, with a "real" community aboard, along with relationships and everything connected with that; illnesses, emotional problems of all sorts - personally Id loathe the prospect of committing to all that that without a "home away from home", a cabin just for myself, where I answer to no one and can be by myself whenever I want. And the idea to reserve this privilege to the senior officers seems a tad too militaristic to me.
Comparing to real life navy ships, these are filled with soldiers, not explorers and scientists, and are "just" sailing for a few months at a time, still relatively close to home.
As for screen-proof: what comes to mind is Ensign Garrovicks spacious 1-person cabin in Obsession.

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Should be fun to illustrate that.
Im sure of that

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