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I feel that the older films had a stronger focus on characterization with special effects used to enhance the story. I feel that this has been lost in the recent films.

I think that sometimes having a small budget forces people to make decisions judiciously. For instance, I was watching Mr. Plinkett's review of the Star Wars prequels. He mentioned that the people who made the original films had to be careful with the light saber effects due to the costs involved with each battle. This kind of constraint forces writers to be creative. Now, with CGI and larger budgets, a film maker can have as many light saber battles as they went, even when the battles don't enhance the story. Now, films I feel are bloated by this excess.

I liked the original "Andromeda Strain" and the "Flight of the Phoenix".
This. Characterisation used to be more thought-out now it works on the most basic level. STID's ending is atypical of this. Spock goes mad when best friend dies, Spock goes on a vengeful rampage to track down Khan, Spock tries to beat the living daylights out of Kahn. I laughed at the end because it half reminded me of Tommy Wiseau's The Room when Johnny smashes everything up in house in a fit of jealous rage.

STID was beating everyone over the head in the ending with 'this is what angry people do'. In those ten or so minutes Spock became fully human, at the very least STID could have tried to do the ST 09 root of Spock becoming 'emotionally compromised', hell then they could have squeezed in a scene with Uhura/Spock that would have been rather meaningful.

Khan uses the Vengeance to beam his crew off of the Enterprise, departs on some sort of shuttle with his crewmen in tow, plus Kahn remotely sets the Vengeance to crash into Starfleet HQ. Then we could wrap it all up with Khan contacting Spock, we could have some meaningful exchange, Spock comes to terms with his loss and feels deeply disillusioned with Starfleet and angry towards admiral Marcus (because it was Marcus who attacked the Enterprise NOT Khan).

And with that you could end it there, there is an obvious sequel in the works and it would have a far more powerful ending. Surely we can all agree that the ending was rather anti-climatic and as Homer Simpson said 'wraps it up in a nice little package'?
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