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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
Hi Bob, after studying your deck 6 draft, I really like it a lot - like most of your previous deck plans BTW. OUTSTANDING work
Thank you very much, it's always good to see the amount of work (which is 90% of the time figuring out how the corridor elements from the various episodes could or should connect to one another and remain screen-accurate) appreciated.

It's also good to see you and Donny prefer LSC in the center. Ironically I just figured out, I can't really put it near the upper level of the Engineering Control Room because I need a stairway instead of the cabin still illustrated to get Spock down from Deck 5 to the Briefing Room 2 on Deck 6 in "The Naked Time".

Add to this (e.g. ST III) that the impulse engineering section is a tempting target for an adversary and you probably shouldn't locate LSC in this area of the ship.

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
One thing that does look a bit odd on this deck is the "kink" in the turbo shaft at 9 o´clock. I´m sure you didn´t do this for the fun of it, but it may be worth a look if you can´t straighten this out
You're absolutely right and will probably like Deck 7 where I already straightened the "kink". Of course, we do not only have the main line in the saucer but according to the TOS Bridge schematic there's one in the neck dorsal as well and eventually the diagonal turbo shaft and the main line between the saucer and the engineering hull would otherwise collide, so it's probably best to have main line and main turbo shaft run parallel (most definitely in the neck dorsal).

However, given the amount of space Matt Jefferies allocated between the port and starboard impulse engine rooms, I think he intended to have two turbo shafts there (on Deck 6) that are parallel to one another. Considering the rather long ride through the neck dorsal, one location where two turbo lift cars can pass one another seems mandatory.

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The line of waiting crewmen in This Side of Paradise doesn´t make much sense if there were a 22 person transporter on board. Wouldn´t everyone rather go to the big transporters, where waiting time would be much shorter? To me this scene always conveyed the feeling, that this transporter room was the only way off the ship.
The episode didn't exactly feature an emergency and instead everyone like Lt. Leslie was extremely drugged and relaxed. They were not in a hurry to leave the ship.

However, The Making of Star Trek hints, IMHO, that using the 22 person transporter involves some risk (pattern loss?!).

I have difficulties imagine a crew member voluntarily stepping into such a transporter chamber, knowing that the regular ones are available, too ("rank hath its privileges"?). Definitely not Dr. McCoy who probably carries a ticket and seat reservation for the shuttlecraft in his medical pouch, just to be prepared for such an emergency.

But this again would probably imply that the 22 personnel evac transporter probably has to be somewhere near the cargo holds.
Given the choice of loosing precious time to get to the other transporters or giving this one a try, I'd probably rather take the risk and a ride in the 22 evac / cargo transporter.

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One last thought that I´ve had for a while now: with so much space already occupied on the saucer decks with the "visuals" from the episodes, how much room is there left in the outer areas of these decks? Specifically, is there still enough room to fit in quarters for 430 people?
I admit that I haven't thought that far, yet. This is another case where we have to ask whether we do need to take The Making of Star Trek literally and terminal.

On Deck 4 I considered a dormitory for junior officers (though definitely secured in their bunk beds, contrary to this stupid scene at the beginning of ST VI aboard Excelsior - if Nick Meyer really wanted to go full thrust with the "Hornblower Effect" he should have used hammocks!) and regarding the other crew cabins we might have larger rooms with three, four or five beds.

Thus far I've merely hinted such cabins in an experimental fashion by tinkering with enlarging the standard cabin studio set. Preferrably there should be two standard proposals, one multi-bed cabin facing the center of the deck (briefing room set redress?), one type of cabin that's behind the standard seen cabin set and is wider (and, of course, features the support beams of the briefing room set as a logical continuation along the radius of these beams). Should be fun to illustrate that.

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