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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

The Bride Wore Black: Well that was a helluva shock.

I particularly liked this bookend..

Doctor to Nicolette: "You know I've changed too. I've become a healer instead of a destroyer. And that's why I'm so sorry for what I have to do. But it's for the greater good."

Letter written by the Doctor, purporting to be Nicolette's note: "I told myself I was acting for the greater good. But that kind of thinking leads you down a dark road."

I know the Doctor said Nicolette was using the greater good as an excuse but I think she fully admits here to using it in the same way, and she wonders where her own choices will take her.

And NOW..

As to the rest of it, I enjoyed seeing younger, less slick Kenya. Well done.

I can see Stahma laughing over her own well played idea when she thinks about how Christie will react to wearing the blinder.

"Weddings are stupid", Irisa. Girl after my own heart.

Great visuals for it!

I'm pretty sure everything will go very sour though.. and not just because of the parents. The dear boy is not ready for a political marriage and there's no escaping that is what he has.

How is it that Tommy is suddenly like 10 years older than I thought he was?

How is it that no one smelled the body?

And finally I am always crapping on about this..


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