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Re: Living witness, Implausible?

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Again -- it's a vast galaxy with hundreds of millions of inhabited systems. Just ticking off the list of all the star systems they'd like to visit could easily take 700 years or more to finish. Maybe they've been meaning to go back to that system but just haven't gotten around to it yet, because the galaxy is insanely enormously gigantic.
I believe the use of Biogenic weapons was meant to imply that the locals were more or less annihilated. It's entirely possible the world has only recently reached warp travel levels again. It might also explain why things are so hostile as their nearest neigbors are the guys who plunged them into a planetary Dark Age.

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That's certainly a much more plausible and desirable scenario, and a truer one to Federation values, than a single uniform galaxy-wide Federation.
Very possibly true. However, I generally am just speaking about how smaller groups get absorbed into larger ones all the time without it necessarily being a bad thing. I am mostly speaking of mutual exchange of ideas leading to a superior whole.

Cross-pollinating and hybridization.

If we joined a Federation, the countries of the world might merely become provinces but I imagine a leveling of "standard of living" as well as improved conditions for equal access to education as well as other supplies--which I presume would be standardized to "the best" as things improved.
Check out the United Federation of Charles:
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