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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Hi Bob,

after studying your deck 6 draft, I really like it a lot - like most of your previous deck plans BTW. OUTSTANDING work

Regarding the placement of LSC, I think the center is a good spot: For one it makes sense in-universe to place this important (control) room at the center of the main deck, since you have nearly equal distances to almost anywhere within the saucer. In case of systems failures you´d get anywhere in a short time. Maybe you´d like to locate a turbolift station next to it, if the visual evidence in the episodes "allow" that - it would further shorten "response time" in case of emergencies.

One thing that does look a bit odd on this deck is the "kink" in the turbo shaft at 9 o´clock. I´m sure you didn´t do this for the fun of it, but it may be worth a look if you can´t straighten this out

As to the (deck 7) question of a 22 person transporter I´m honestly a bit torn: in-universe it would probably make sense to have one or two of these. However, from what´s in the episodes there´s not enough evidence to really justify its existence, IMHO.
The line of waiting crewmen in This Side of Paradise doesn´t make much sense if there were a 22 person transporter on board. Wouldn´t everyone rather go to the big transporters, where waiting time would be much shorter? To me this scene always conveyed the feeling, that this transporter room was the only way off the ship.
And I wouldn´t put too much emphasis on what Matt Decker said: for one he wasn´t really "working on all thrusters" when talking to Kirk & Co. And even with a 22 person transporter, he´d have to complete 20 beam-downs to get everyone off the ship - still plenty of time to think things over.

Finally, even in-universe I´m getting second thoughts: there are (apparently) a number of the 6 person transporters scattered throughout the ship - easily accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. In case of an evacuation I´d rather use multiple smaller transporters, than one or two big ones, since hundreds of people would suddenly have to hurry to one location (could the turbolift network even handle all that "traffic"?). In the time it would take everyone to get to the big transporter, a good number of them could already have beamed out using the regular transporters. So a lot of people would probably do just that, I certainly would! Then why put in an extra big (and extra high maintenance) unit, that will hardly ever be used? And if the evacuation protocols would rely on the 22 person transporter, what if it doesn´t work when it´s needed - transporters have been known to break at the most inopportune moments

Having said all that, I very much like the design of a possible 22 person transporter suggested by Albertese, as well as your (Bob´s) idea of using the back wall from Court Martial there.

One last thought that I´ve had for a while now: with so much space already occupied on the saucer decks with the "visuals" from the episodes, how much room is there left in the outer areas of these decks? Specifically, is there still enough room to fit in quarters for 430 people?

Keep up the good work

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