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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
My suspicion, in fact, is that the MACOs are the military of United Earth, and that this remains the case well into the 24th century.
You have zero evidence to support this speculation. MACOs are only seen in ENT. The fact remains that Starfleet is CALLED the military at several points in the franchise, acts like the military in several ways, and has military structure and traditions, in addition to being the only branch of the Federation we EVER see engaged in battle.

Your objection that Trek is about Starfleet fails because A) It's actually about a specific set of characters and B) We still manage to see non-Starfleet character. Seriously, with the DOMINION WAR, wouldn't you at least expect some other military branch to be mentioned ?

I'm sorry, but this other UFP military you're talking about you just made up.

Primarily, the fact that various individuals have said at various times that most Starfleet vessels are NOT designed purely for combat.
That doesn't tell us what the ships do most of the time, and contradicts some of the dialogue as well.

Secondarily, it's obvious that Starfleet is incredibly active throughout the galaxy even in peace time
Right, like the regular military.

Did you expect me to counter them with "yep"?
I expected you to address my points.

Hell, the only people that's even a question for are Worf and Yar, because they served as TACTICAL officers.
So Sulu is a scientist ? And Uhura ?

That they learned some science in their training doesn't make them scientists. Otherwise pretty much everybody in the edcucated world today is a scientist.

"these guys" probably don't have any ships, and wouldn't need them if they did. Most battles appear to be fought on the ground anyway.
Most battles appear ? We have seen a grand total of ONE ground battle, in DS9. Where do you get this stuff, anyway ?
And that's my opinion.
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