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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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No sir, Cochise said that the Aspheni were unprepared for their level of technology, therefore the Aspheni were repulsed from the Volm homeworld, but what he didn't extrapolate further was admitting that no one gets away with getting away from the Volm. No one. You fuck with the Volm and you die. Then your family dies, then your friends die, then your enemies, and then your entire species dies. If it takes a thousand years, every one dies. This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

It's not uncommon in the real world, there are still manic assassins out there still tracking down Nazis for trial and execution 68 years after the fall of fortress Berlin.

I can see Tom not agreeing to this.

"They're running from you? Hundreds of years ago they gave you a bloody nose and you've spent every minute since then decimating their race into a dysfunctional sliver. There's what, a handful of them left and rather than let it go, you light such a fire under their asses that they feel compelled to enslave entire worlds to defend themselves from you? How many worlds have been crushed between your crusade to mop up the last half Dozen Aspheni who are no doubt the great, great, greatgrand children of the actual monsters who attacked your world? Maybe if you stop chasing them, the next world will be spared this happening to them, you are the only reason that this keeps happening because despite all your talk about superior weapons you don't have the drive or wit to force home a lock out and end this finally and forever."
That sounds very vindictive. I seriously don't think that is Volm policy. The narrative does not match. Cochise strikes me as more of a Civil Affairs army officer who is on liaison duty with the natives which is us.
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