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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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If you really want to think about things, the word bias is a loaded term. Disproportionality is, I think, a more neutral, and therefore more objective, term. So, instead of,

The test was simply asking people to think about the conscious or subconscious bias that was finding its way onto the screen.
I would say,

The test was simply asking people to think about the disproportionality shown on screen.
Good point. Another good example about the gay issue is to look back at Troy and 300 where heroic characters who had gay relationships were edited out. The butch Spartans, who practised homosexuality as part of their culture were shown mocking the Greeks as 'boy lovers' when in fact the historical Spartans probably shagging more young lads because the sexes were more segregated. And Achilles mourned the death of his cousin (although it isn't conclusive that Achilles & Patroclus were lovers, it would not have been unusual).

I don't mind so much if gay characters are an afterthought but it is irritating if they should be there but the writers take an active decision to edit them out to avoid the slightest risk of alienating their action-hero loving str8 male audience. Thus the term 'bias' may be loaded but it may also be appropriate.
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