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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

I took the remark about the gene as a snarky joke. Gramps is not too impressed with Jason.

Things are definitely moving along-- which is good, since there are only ten episodes this season. It was surprising to see Alcide kidnap the kid, and I presume this is meant to show a negative change in his character, but the weres are probably right that she is safer with them. It won't be long before the law comes after Sam.

Bill's adventure in Nowhere was interesting. Lilith decided to wear clothes, but apparently her handmaidens go naked and covered in blood.

The most interesting parts of the episode, though, were Eric's. The anti-Vamp squad now has silver bullets that emit UV radiation and glamour-suppressing contact lenses. Nifty. I wonder what else they've come up with.

And that girl was putting in contact lenses just before Eric arrived.
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