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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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ST:Insurrection passes the test, for all the good that did.

The "Bechdel" test is pointless.The gender and topic of the character's dialogue ideally is irrelevant. The only factor which should matter is the subject matter of the movie itself.
But I think the test was only intended to highlight the oddity. If the gender and topic of of the character's dialogue ideally is irrelevant why is there such a consistent imbalance in the gender of the characters and why do so many women talk to each other about men.

The test was simply asking people to think about the conscious or subconscious bias that was finding its way onto the screen. The fact that a hooker asking another hooker for a light on a street corner passes the test while two doctors talking about a male patient would not is fine if it's part of a wider mix. It's that the wider mix that is uncommon that is evidenced by the fact that so many movies fail the test.
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