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Re: Why did they bother...

I wouldn't call OHMSS the best Bond film, but it is very polished. The first 45 minutes of so are great. When the second act starts things get silly with the dopey women, the allergy clinic and the virus omega that will affect the entire planets population. In the novel it was only going to effect the UK. The films dials it up to the entire world. Then the third act with it's epic chase scenes and finale at Piers Gloria put the film more in step with the drama of the first act. For me at least.

I'd say new Trek is closest to Daniel Craig era. With Star Trek 2009 being the Casino Royale of it's respective franchise. Gone are most of the tropes of the previous era (Rick Berman Trek/Pierce Brosnan tongue and cheek Bond). Replaced with a serious that takes the canon and forms films that are identifiable with today's 21st century audiences.

Also Dalton and Moore fan 4 Life
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