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You can find "a couple of dozen good movies" to find from yesteryears, but lots of people won't watch them. OK, call such people shortsighted, but fact is, tastes change from any generation to another. People thought the majorty of movies from the 30s to be old fashioned in the 60s. So on and so on. I can compare a good drama, action movie, or scif movie from today and they'll hold up well to similar movies from 1965 or 1955 and likely are much better.

On a similar note, many people think the last 5-10 years of TV are better than any "golden age" of television as well.

I watched the remake of 'Flight of the Pheonix' the other day and while its OK its nowhere near as good as the 'old fashioned' original.
And I couldn't watch more than 30 minutes of the 'Andromeda Strain' remake.
Still modern audiences may like the better special effects and the more attractive cast better in the remade movies. I can't understand it - probably too old.
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