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Re: If you're a devoted X-Box player,why is it better for you than PS3

I started out loving the 360. I didn't give a crap about the PS3. The whole 599 USD and you have to have 2 jobs to afford us was laughable. My Xbox 360 and Wii was all I needed.

Then I bought an HDTV, and of course I needed a Blu-Ray player to show it off. The PS3 was the best and cheapest Blu-Ray player at the time. The PS3 started out as a Blu-Ray player only. It slowly changed into my primary gaming system. Microsoft started adding more and more ads to their dashboard. Sony added PS+ The "New Xbox Experience" was a killer for me. Give me the old blades any day over the mess that it is now. Netflix was and is better on the PS3, and it was not behind a paywall. With the PS3 media server, the PS3 was a better media box. PS+ gave me so many free games that I still have not finished them all. Xbox gave me more ads, and inferior services. Does the Xbox give me games like Infamous2, or Uncharted 3 for signing up? Nope. They give me multiplayer (free on PS3) Netflix (Have to pay extra for it on Xbox...Free on PS3). Do they offer free games every month? Nope, Gotta pay to keep watching an inferior Netflix experience.

Xbox 360 started strong, and Sony was a joke at the time. The tides have turned and Microsoft has shit the bed at E3, while Sony tore them apart. Can the tide change? Yep. Look at Sony, it went from a joke to exceeding Microsoft in this generation.

The Xbox One is less powerful, it has a stupid gimmick that will cost me $100 extra just to turn on the damn thing. Who gives a shit about live TV?

NFL? Fuck that. The NFL is like the retarded cousin of non fat people playing a real sport that is 10 minutes of real play on a 60 minute clock.

Fuck the Xbone. It represents everything I don NOT want.
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