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Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD

BillJ wrote: View Post
Just depends how expensive the larger screens will cost. A couple decades ago very few people had TV's larger than 25", now I don't think I know anyone with a main set smaller than 37".
It's not just a matter of price, it's also a matter of space. I simply don't have the space for anything larger than a 37" screen. I wouldn't even want a 60" screen when I'm only sitting three metres away from it.

Belz... wrote: View Post
Oh, so you mean that people who _don't_ already have a big screen will stick to the lower resolution ? But people WITH big tvs would have to change anyway, because those are not compatible with the 4K or 8K stuff. I still don't follow.
Well, I don't know about the US ... but here in Germany only a handful of people have those huge screens. For practical and space saving reasons, most people stop at the 37" mark. The question I am raising is: Are there enough customers for the 4K/8K market? Not everyone is crazy enough to put a theatre sized screen into their living room, you know ...
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