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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

I don't think Ted really knew what he wanted at all until he got into bed with Nan and then really thought about it. He made a mistake and tried to fix it after the damage with Peggy was done.

I'm glad Ted stayed with his family. It's bad enough people think Peggy slept with Don to become a copywriter. Being involved with Ted adds fuel to the fire.

I hope Don doesn't return to SC&P. If the seventh season weren't going to be the last I think he would. But since there's nothing after the seventh season, he shouldn't return. Let the punishment stick.

SC&P will be much more stable from now own. Sterling Cooper has managed to survive Don Draper.

Even look at the SCDP --> SC&P transition. With only acronyms, the D was taken out of the picture while the other letters remained the same. The product was absent from all the ads earlier in the season because Don himself was absent.

SC&P is a stock that would make for a better investment without someone so unstable in such a powerful position.

Duck must've loved it to see Don leaving the building in disgrace. Must've loved searching for Don's replacement. Don is in the same boat Duck was at the end of S2. Don orchestrated a merger with CGC in S6 while Duck orchestrated an absorption into a PPL. In both cases, Sterling Cooper survived the transition but the people who set the combinations in motion were out because they screwed up. Don constantly competed with Ted as much as Duck constantly competed with Duck. Don's drinking was as bad as Duck's. Don pulled a lot more antics that Duck ever did. It was natural that Don was let go.
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