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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

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For me, it's First Contact. Loved the opening part with the Battle of Sector 001, but the sudden switch to a time travel story really blows it for me. I think they missed an opportunity to do a big-scale, galaxy-spanning story that would have made "Best of Both Worlds" look tame in comparison, IMO (for those who have read the post-TNG novels, we ultimately got that with the Destiny trilogy).
Yes, you're not wrong. When I re-watch First contact I always enjoy immensely up to the point where the sphere goes back in time. After that, I tend to skip ahead.

Good observation. Up till now I wasn't conscious of how much of the movie I skipped.

As for worst - had to go to Nemesis. It is consistently un-watchable. Given the strength of the series finale, it's such a shame this pile of garbage was the last voyage we bore witness to.
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