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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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If everything that happened in Alan Moore's Run of Miracle Man happened on a Sunday maybe the rest of the world didn't notice?
From the wiki

Moore's last issue, number 16 ("Olympus") ends with an unsettling depiction of Miracleman's apotheosis, as he and his superhuman allies bring the entire planet under their totalitarian control. Miracleman and his companions, explicitly compared to gods, now rule the planet as they see fit, though they are ineffectively opposed by groups such as an alliance of Christian and Islamic fundamentalists. The "age of miracles" is ostensibly benevolent, but in scenes such as the final conversation between Miracleman and Liz, Moore suggests that Miracleman has lost his humanity and that his utopia is ultimately harmful to humankind. .
I think somebody would notice.
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