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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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Look, I don't doubt that Cochise told the truth about his motivations for fighting. I just doubt that his motive is his people's motive.
And that's what I take issue with. He was clearly explaining his people's motivation, as requested. Whether it's the whole truth, part true, or a complete fabrication is anyone's guess. But since he is the sole link between the Volm and the Humans, and he presented that motivation in the name of his people -- which he clearly had the authority to do, else he wouldn't be their ambassador -- then there's absolutely no evidence that it isn't the reason his people are doing what they're doing.

I don't know what's so hard to grasp about that. It also had jack-all to do with a flower; that was just an eloquent, poetic way of explaining the whole thing, despite your original claims otherwise. And that, in particular, is what I took issue with in your posts. All the flower represented was his personal hope; the rest of the speech was all about his people's reasoning for coming to Earth and fighting however-you-want-to-spell-them.

Cochise might be a good guy, but are all the Volm good guys?
I'm really not sure why you think of any of that really matters to this discussion. Cochise could have been lying through his teeth, though there's still no evidence whatsoever that he was other than a couple of characters assuming all aliens are evil (who, incidentally, also make that assumption without any evidence).

You and, apparently sojourner, just seem to have this misguided and erroneous belief that he was just talking about a damn flower and, somehow, sidestepped the question he was asked. Which is wrong. There's no debate there; it's flat-out wrong.

He sidestepped the President's question.
No. He. Did. Not.

In no way, shape, or form did he sidestep the President's question. He was asked why his people were fighting and helping Earth. He answered it in a manner that came across as completely sincere and believable. So much so that even the President, a man with little reason to believe an alien, was sold.

Go listen to it again. Ignore the flower. Listen to everything else he says.

The President didn't ask him what his people's plans for Earth was after they defeated them. He didn't even bother to ask if they would leave them in peace after doing so. He just asked why they helping them fight. And he got an answer, both for the Volm and Cochise himself. Is it the real answer? We won't know until it's revealed. But it was a god-damned answer.
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