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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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The fact that the federation needs a military branch against its military enemies.
Possibly. It probably isn't Starfleet, though.
Um... everytime we see a military engagement, it is Starfleet doing the fighting.
Duh, the show is ABOUT Starfleet. They're the ones we get to see doing the fighting. If regular military organizations are never mentioned or never appealed to for help, you'd never know they existed otherwise; the first time we ever see or hear about the MACOs, for example, is when Archer realizes his security teams probably aren't up to the job. If they HAD been -- if he had ten men Malcoln Reed and five years to train more skilled security officers -- the MACOs would still be on Earth, languishing in Trek obscurity.

My suspicion, in fact, is that the MACOs are the military of United Earth, and that this remains the case well into the 24th century. They are probably the ones primarily responsible for the defense of the planet and its various space stations through the use of ground-based weapon systems, drones, fighters, etc. And their response time is still slow enough that even in the 22nd century -- when their existence is not at all up for debate -- they are nowhere to be found when the shit hits the fan.
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