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Re: 12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

I'm kinda looking forward to the new guy - whoever he is - the more I think about it, that's kind of one of the cool things about Doctor Who - is that the main lead can completely change and its still the same show - just a bit different feeling. Even with personalities and styles completely changing the Doctor's still the Doctor. And I do like that with 9's regen into 10 they did at least have Rose wonder a bit about 10. Was he the same guy? Did she even like the new guy? I think while she may have had some kind of smidge of attraction to 9, I don't think she cared for him to the point of choosing him over Mickey that 10 had with her. And honestly I think it was the age thing. 9 seemed older, granted he's older yet as 10 but 9 almost rose that 'creepy stalker' thing that I'm sure is why Jackie didn't like him with Rose - she wouldn't have minded 9 with HER - but not her twenty something daughter. 10 on the other hand, I think seemed closer to her age and didn't seem quite so creepy. I guess when you're 900 years old everyone's jail bait and there's no such thing as a cougar.
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