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Yeah there was a lot of bad movies to, but in the good old days there were at a couple of dozen movies which were really good or stood out or were original. These days you are lucky to find a couple of new major films per year which offer anything substantial or are a real pleasure to watch.
Well I have to agree that this is just nostalgia talking, here. There are still a handful of good movies every year.

I will grant you that it seems likie there is less original stuff, but it has no bearing on profit.

By the way, don't you find discussing like this more interesting than spamming pictures ?
Oh yeah, I do love a good intellectual discussion, when I first came on with those pictures I was a blathering idiot there and at times I can be a bit of dickhead going in without thinking beforehand (or not thinking enough). But I know my limits, I know when I've crossed the line and I won't try to hide from my mistakes. I messed up three hours ago with the memes so sorry about that.
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