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Goddamn, you might want to get down off your high-horse before you get a nosebleed.

Now Star Trek is at the mercy of an audience whose sense of artistic style is utter trivia, and who go to see films for escapism and for no other merit.
Sure as fuck beats being bored for two hours.
With escapism no one ever gets bored, and that's what nearly all movies do, so if you never want to use your brain you are in nirvana!

It really comes down to culture, and films are a key part of modern day culture (something which has been dying for ages) but right now we seem to be stifling from a lack of creativity. STID is a prime example, it could have done more, it could have been two movies, but... Something is just missing from it.

This youtube video explains it best about this movie and what it so sorely lacks.
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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