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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

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Just wondered if there was a consensus among ENT fans that the events in ST:FC created an alternate timeline, where ENT takes place.

It seems likely to me, it would explain the "modern" look of the NX-01, if Lily's exposure to the Enterprise-E got back to the designers of the NX program.

The episode "Regeneration" seems to indicate this as well, as obviously Cochrane wouldn't have spoke of "cybernetic organisms" if they hadn't traveled back from the 24th century.
Ever since I saw the 2009 Star Trek movie, I've thought it makes sense that the Temporal Cold War and the events of First Contact created an alternate timeline, and that is the one that Nero ultimately emerged into ... it would explain why we never heard of the Xindi, the Expanse, or the war with them before ENT. Perhaps in the Prime Universe, when the sphere-builders were not interferring, the Xindi were extinct, or stayed isolated, since they had no reason for direct contact with the Federation.

I always thought it could explain why the JJ Verse Enterprise appears so much more advance that TOS Enterprise - perhaps, when the Xindi made peace with the Federation at the end of ENT Season 3, they shared some of their advanced shipbuilding techniques, that led to vast technological jumps in Federation technology, over their Prime Universe counterparts...

Sure, Archer's data appears on a screen on the Prime Universe Defiant in "Through a Mirror, Darkly", but I can ignore that by assuming that Archer may have captained another vessel, maybe even the one named "Enterprise" that we see on the wall of Kirk's ship in the Motion Picture ...

As for Prime Universe Riker and Troi knowing about the ENT timeline in "These Are the Voyages", perhaps the Enterprise-D or some other Starfleet vessel (or perhapes the Department ofg Temporal Investigations) had explored some parallel universes following Worf's discovery in Parallels - they certainly encounter enough temporal rifts and anomalies... Riker may have created a holodeck program based on one of the alternate timelines they discovered, to explore it more (though he might now know about the First Contact events yet...)

To sum up, I definitely think of ENT as part of the JJ Abrams universe, but not part of the Prime Universe, though novelists and other writers have tried to
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