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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

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^Who's been holding up the damn elevator?

I'm surprised that someone hasn't leap on that line stating that Meyer had no respect for Trek, as McCoy should have said "turbolift"!

Yeah, I'm kidding, but you know that someone, somewhere out there, has thought it!

Quickly back to the point at hand, we have to remember that TWOK used the Ceti Alpha V/VI mistaken-identity as just a throw-away line to get Khan into the action. How else could you get a Federation starship to pick up Khan and his followers?

Any way they did it, you would still have people thirty years later complaining it was a plot-hole as surely there would have been some huge red-flag in Starfleet's computer database indicating going to Ceti-Alpha V was a big no-no.

We can only assume that for some reason Ceti-Alpha V may have been red-flagged, but the Ceti-Alpha system as a whole wasn't, a screw-up on Kirk's part.
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