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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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By the way, Robert Comsol, here's a shot I found today from By Any Other Name in which that funny-legged table from sickbay appears, this time in the rec room.

Actually, looks like it was a more or less permanent fixture in the rec room set.
It looks like four out of seven.

Yes, in "The Naked Time," "Charlie X," "The Trouble with Tribbles," and "By Any Other Name."

No, in "The Conscience of the King," "The Alternative Factor," and "Journey to Babel."
Wow. Did the rec room only appear in seven episodes? I know that in Season 3, there was the "upgraded" rec room seen in And The Children Shall Lead and the deleted scene in Elaan of Troyius, but I seem to remember the early version appearing much more! Crazy.

Good to know for when I get around to building it, since my reference screen cap hunt can now safely be narrowed down to only 7 episodes!
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