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Re: Most Famous Movie Role

Well, I'm with Shazam on most counts. But If I had to pick a favorite, that would be a different story.
Tom Hanks - Dr. Henry Goose
Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs
Arnold - Dennis Quaid
Sly - John Rambo
Will Smith - Del Spooner
Tom Cruise - Ethan hunt
Bruce Willis - John McClane
Robert Patrick - T-1000
Harrison Ford - Han Solo (by a hair over IJ and Kimble. Close)
Richard Gere - Lancelot (yeah, I'm going there)
Robin Williams - Dr. Know
Robert DeNiro - Jack Walsh (my far my favorite performance of his)
Jim Carrey - Truman Burbank
Samuel L. Jackson - Jules Winfield
Jack Nicholson - Col. Nathan Jessip
Morgan Freeman - "Red" Redding, God (tie)
Danny Glover - Simon, Tow Truck Driver
Joe Pesci - Vinny Gambini
Eddie Murphy - Axel Foley
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