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I know which movie you were talking about. I just thought maybe you should go see how many holes and bits of illogic the fans of this board were able to spot in The Wrath of Khan.
I have viewed the thread, and again most of these holes and bits of illogic can be reasonably explained away, without new holes and more illogical things cropping up. STID is something different entirely, it's more rife with major flaws/holes/illogical things:

1. Kirk being clearly too immature and hotheaded to be captain during the first quarter of the movie.

2. Spock being too emotional.

3. Spock/Uhura.

4. The 82 torpedoes and all the shenanigans concerning them.

5. Can't McCoy use the blood from one of the 82 augments (Kahn's people) to save Kirk?

6. Admiral Marcus doesn't check his special torpedoes.

7. A shuttlecraft would have been easier and safer to travel between the Enterprise and the Vengeance.

8. Why would Kirk and Kahn go in space suits with thrust packs and travel at high speeds through an area of space cluttered with debris?

9. The Klingons didn't go to war with Starfleet despite the infraction Kirk made.

10. How was Scotty's vessel allowed to go inside the Vengeance?

11. Starfleet conducts a top-secret and high security meeting in a room rather unsafe and prone to an attack. I mean if Kahn really is that dangerous couldn't they have found a more secret place to conduct that meeting (one where they won't so ridiculously exposed).

12. Kahn lives despite crashing in two ships.

13. The Enterprise lands under the sea on that M-class world without the natives seeing anything.

14. Super volcanoes can destroy a planet even though this volcano was not even on par with Earth's supervolcanoes.

15. Cold fusion, which is a thermonuclear reaction, can now cool an entire volcano AND freeze magma and the contents of the magma chamber.

16. The Vengeance needs a lot more crew for a ship of that size as systems break down.

17. If Kahn has this special transwarp transporter technology, why couldn't he use it again to beam off Kronos?

18. There was no real threat in that scene with Carol Marcus and McCoy since the missile had no actual warhead.

19. How do advanced torpedoes effect the Enterprise's warp core if they are merely stasis chambers in disguise?

20. Scotty resigning does not make any sense, if he is the most experienced engineer then wouldn't he endangering lives by being away from the Enterprise should a problem with the warp core actually happen due to those torpedoes?

21. Admiral Pike lets Kirk off on a whim.

22. Kirk was never promoted back to a captain.

23. There was an American flag at that memorial scene, shouldn't that be the UFP flag if it Starfleet property?

24. If Kahn wanted to blow up that Section 31 weapon's facility, why didn't he beam in the bomb with his special transporter?

25. Section 31, being so thorough and watchful, fail to screen or notice a suspicious device.

26. Maybe Admiral Marcus could carry out a coup and take over the Sol system, but he couldn't possibly take over the entire Federation.

27. A distinct lack of aliens.

28. If Spock is emotionally compromised just after the destruction of his planet and duffs up Kirk, then why would seeing Kirk die elicit such a response from Spock?

29. Kirk barely knew Pike, so why did he so profoundly mourn for the admiral when he died?

30. If Kahn wanted revenge on admiral Marcus, why didn't he take him out during that meeting on Earth?

31. And if the 2nd terrorist attack was part of Marcus' plan, wasn't he cutting things a little finely being caught up right in the centre of the attack?

32. Carol Marcus in her underwear serves no purpose whatsoever.

33. Kirk always makes Spock redundant by going on virtually every away mission and always undermines Spock's authority by taking matters into his own hands.

34. Giving 33, why would Spock care so much about his captain?

35. This movie can't go 2 minutes without plot twists or action scenes.

36. Spock screaming Kahn.

37. Kirk's death was emotionally meaningless when they already planted the fact that Kahn's blood can revive dead animals and humanoids.

38. If Kahn really valued his people, why didn't he rescue them first with his transporter technology and then carry out his revenge? Surely carrying out revenge is easier with 82 more augments at your side?
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