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Those torpedoes though...[...] But actually the explosives have been removed and in their stead replaced with Kahn's peoples, so was that part of Kahn's plan or was Marcus trying to help Kahn?
Well it doesn't help that you didn't pay attention while watching the movie. One fuel cell was removed and replaced with cryotubes. Not the warhead: a fuel cell.

And that's the other problem. Kahn was brought out of cryogenic stasis by admiral Marcus, but Kahn is like 250 years behind the times. So why use Kahn to build the latest in new and deadly advanced weaponry?
They actually explained that, too. Did you really see the movie in a theatre ?

But if Marcus was that intent on bumping off Kahn and starting a war, then why didn't he check these advanced torpedoes?
I think Marcus knows they're in there. It's just an ironic way to get his way.

Nah I haven't seen TWOK
How can you not have seen TWOK ? That's... your right, of course, but if there's one Trek movie you have to see, it's that one.

STID has nothing to offer if you start thinking about it and if you could detach yourself from the incessant action scenes and weird plot twists whilst watching it.
I'm not sure you should assume to know that people must agree with you if they would only be logical.
And that's my opinion.
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