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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

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I think that the Nerada Incident has had a knock-on effect on all the Alpha-Quadrant races.
Not to be slow, but I have to admit to you that I've never come across the expression "knock-on effect." What does it mean please?
Sorry, knock-on means that it has a ripple effect.

Race A encounters Race B, and has to construct technologies to allow it to compete with them militarily. Race C sees this build-up and although not directly involved thinks "Oh crap, we better do that too!" and changes their own design/construction philosophies accordingly.

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It would be an arms-race, and no doubt they may have attempted to keep up. IIRC
Not necessarily, the Klingon like their ships lean and fast. The need to oversize wouldn't be automatic.

Ah, but alongside the Birds of Prey, the Klingons also have the D7 (their equivalent of the Constitution/Miranda), and there is a theory that the refitted K'tinga-class from TMP was a direct result of Klingon spies learning of the proposed refits of the Constitution class. Another theory of course is that the Constitution refit was Starfleet's response to the K'tinga!

Alongside this, they have the Vorchas (Excelsior/Ambassador equivalent perhaps?) and the huge Neg'var-class, which appears to be almost a direct Klingon answer to the Galaxy-Class and Romulan D'deridex-class warbird.
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